Ups and Downs of Life

This past week put quite the wrench into my plans. My car, a 2007 PT Cruiser, has had a run of issues since the moment it was driven off the lot in 2013. I bought it originally because I needed a car after my van was crushed in an auto accident. (Yes I was injured. Two months later I had major neck surgery because of it.) The Cruiser was a quick purchase I have regretted. Timing belt broke within a year of the purchase. The front fender is so close to the road, scraping it is practically unavoidable. In turn the fender hung off. The car was littered with electrical problems from the start, so lights going on and off were untrustworthy. Last year the timing belt broke again (under 90K miles from the last time of course) and I ended up getting the engine replaced. Once I got it back, I thought I could milk 3 more years out of it. Then as I drove to work one day, the back light fell off. (I had ongoing issues with that light, having been stopped by a cop because of it a few times over the years.) This is all in brief of some issues with the stupid car…

Car Shopping
In December when I’d sit in Tallahassee traffic the car started to get hot. I had the oil changed and the car checked. It seemed to get better. Then it got worse. On Thursday, I had to turn off the engine every time I stopped, or risk the temperature to climb to beyond safe. As I sat at a light, the engine overheated and wouldn’t cool once I moved in traffic. It ran too high and began to sputter. I began to shake, not wanting to be stuck on a main highway broke down. I did end up getting to work okay, but understandably upset. I had a talk with my office manager (who is probably one of the coolest managers I have ever worked with) and it was okay for me to take Friday off to try and fix the car. Obviously I didn’t want to drive it far from home, and as I live an hour from my job, I didn’t want to risk a break down. It was a pure miracle I made it home that night. I waited for rush hour traffic to die down before leaving work, so that helped.)

Friday morning my hubby took my car in to the mechanic. It was not going to be overly expensive to fix, but a dent in my finances to be sure. As he sat there, my husband (his name is John) called me to look at cars online. So I did and when he got home with the news from the mechanic, we decided to head out and see if there was another option.

I won’t bore you with the tale of the car shopping. I will say that what seemed hopeless took a turn for the better. The deal went through and today I go in and do some closing paperwork on a new(to me) 2016 vehicle.

My week was beyond stressful but it seems to be winding down. Yes, it is a stress to buy a car, but compare that to driving 2 hour round trip to work in an unreliable car.

I get to close on my car today. I’m happy to do so. It brings on new stresses, but it is better than worrying about breaking down in the middle of Tallahassee rush hour.