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In surfing Facebook I saw the upcoming Harlequin Romance Blitz. I’m going to submit to that with the book I’m working on. I don’t see why it couldn’t fit there. In looking through the line, seems like they are very much like the Presents books, just sweeter in content. In other words, no explicit sex scenes. I’m fine with that. Although my hero is not a Tycoon, he’s a hospitalist and a soldier. I’m hoping that the exotic setting (Alaska) will carry some bonus weight.

Last night my family and I watched Kiss of the Dragon with Jet Li. Surprisingly I never saw it before. It was really good, and I especially liked the romance aspect. Made me think about writing an Asian hero. I really would like to do that at some point. I may have him be in my Northern Lights series. (Yes, I think I like that very much.)

I have another book idea I am considering to submit to that upcoming Blitz. It is more international set in Tuscany with a vineyard owner and how he strikes a deal to claim his wayward wife. I call it Claiming His Wayward Wife of course. Its exotic, rich hero, etc. It is very Harlequin Romance. I wonder if I can submit two ideas.

Bought a few Harlequin Romances to see how they are written. How do they handle the sex? Is it even mentioned? Or is sex a cut away to the next morning type thing?

Anyone see the new Dare line at Harlequin? I saw a few of the covers online. Um…pretty steamy stuff. I’m not really up to pick one up in front of my 15 year old kids.

On a final note, I am going to my first book event in a while, the Coastal Magic Convention. I get to mingle with authors and readers in Florida…in Daytona by the beach. How could I resist?

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