Happy New Year

It’s only been a few days into the new year and I am stoked for a fresh start. I had played with writing for the last few years, wavering from writing erotic romance again to mainstream contemporary. I couldn’t find the niche for myself. Add in that I had a bout of depression surrounding a divorce after 18 years of marriage. I was determined to find happiness in life, even if I had to strike out on my own. I ended up meeting a man who was a few years younger than myself (Yes, I’m a cougar!) and after 2 years of living with him, I got remarried.

It was still a roller coaster. My kids are now teenagers and with that comes a special kind of stress. Add in my one daughter was diagnosed with mental illness. Then I lost my mother suddenly and unexpectedly. The past few years have had so many challenges, it was hard to find the desire to write. I tried though.

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Throughout all this I worked as a nurse to support my family. I went from being night nurse at the hospital (a few job changes in between) to my present job in a busy doctor’s office. I love my current job! I work regular hours (not crazy 12 hours shifts nor staying up all night!) I actually have the time and desire to seriously explore my writing once again.

I dabbled writing an erotic Regency set romance most of last year. I wrote about 2 or three chapters. I started an Alaskan set medical romance in 2016 but put it aside. I took it out on occasion to work on but never got too far. Over the holidays I thought about that medical romance again. Why couldn’t I just write it? I realized there was a book before that one. It being a series, it made total sense. I can’t reveal why, but it made sense. Besides I really wanted to write a secret baby story. (That is one of my favorite tropes.)

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So today I rolled out a new strategy to write–plot a few chapters then write them. I will plot more later so I can enjoy the writing process. I am one of those people who loses interest if I know the whole story. So plotting bits and pieces should work. I found some examples of scene cards online and made up my own. I got several chapters plotted today. It was so awesome. I am very excited about the book. My tentative title is Operation Doctor Daddy. I took some ideas from a previous book I had planned and used it for this one. I changed a large chunk of it to fit this, but the changes were welcome. I love the idea so far.

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